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"It's Not About What It Is, It Is About What It Can Become." - Dr. Seuss

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

It was my great honor to be sworn in as President of Kids Managing Conflict earlier this month.  I am thrilled to be leading such an amazing organization that strives to support and promote programs in K-12 schools that teach students conflict management skills and enrich their lives into adulthood. To further this mission we raise and distribute funds, as well as serve as a resource for those seeking networks and information on conflict resolution.   

As we all are coping and adapting to a pandemic, politics, racial injustice, economic crises, and more, the Kids Managing Conflict team has not only stepped up to these challenges, they have been able to tap into innovation and connection by creating a new Peer Mediator Alumni Team and Online Community https://community.kidsmanagingconflict.org/

So many times throughout this past year, we found ourselves challenged to navigate a constantly changing path forward. Our normal routines and human interactions felt like they were thrown into a basket and into the air, not really knowing or understanding what will be on the other side of this “normal.”

Kids Managing Conflict, like many other organizations, had to immediately pivot. We had to move all of our live events online. We had to rely heavily on our own personal conflict resolution skills, as we handled pandemic challenges especially as it related to supporting schools and students who are now being challenged more than ever. Never before in my lifetime has it felt like there is so much uncertainty. Yet, we continue to thrive and grow and it gives me great hope! 

As I step into the role of President of Kids Managing Conflict, I am humbled and cognizant of the needs of our youth. I am experiencing all of these things as a parent as well with my youngest daughter in her sophomore year in high school. It motivates me to be laser-focused on discovering unknown opportunities that continue to keep us together even while being apart. Community is what has gotten me through the last year, albeit virtual, community nonetheless. We discovered we can still connect, even if it was on a different level. 

The KMC team was one of those communities for me and it has been a welcome and much-needed source of connection and unity. I have seen our team pivot and adapt and more importantly, connect in ways we have never expected, nor had the opportunity to do so in the past. I have seen resilience and innovation in a short and challenging time. 

It is motivating and inspiring, giving me great hope we can turn a life-changing situation into new opportunities, one step, and one day at a time. I am taking this opportunity to close out 2020 reflecting, recharging, and rebooting!  Then it will be time for all of us to reimagine.
In 2021, our team will do just that and continue to reimagine the possibilities for peer mediation in this new terrain. Coming together will be just the beginning! I look forward to connecting, collaborating, growing, supporting, and serving this amazing organization and peer mediation in 2021.  

Happy New Year, 

Anne Sawyer

Welcome to the new KMC Community
This virtual platform is meant to provide a space for peer mediators, educators who coordinate or support peer mediation programs, peer mediation alumni, parents of peer mediators, and those who are interested in starting or joining a peer mediation program to connect, collaborate, communicate, and build community.

Join here!

KMC Giving Tuesday Virtual Family Game Night Fundraiser

Thank you to everyone who supported KMC for our Fame night and Giving Tuesday. We raised over $2000 to help support the new KMC Community.

KMC Giving Tuesday Virtual Family Game Night Fundraiser was SUCH a blast! We had a great time getting to know each other in our team-building exercise and we had a lot of laughs playing bingo, trivia Jeopardy, and a Scavenger Hunt! The KMC Community Executive Board helped facilitate the evening while encouraging peer mediation advocates to register for the KMC Community. We awarded prizes that included KMC merchandise, See's candies and several gift cards!

Giving Tuesday is a global generosity movement unleashing the power people and organizations to transform their communities and the world. If we missed you on Tuesday, you can still donate now to support Peer Mediation Programs!

THANK YOU again to all of our supporters! Kids Managing Conflict is forever grateful!

​Judicate West

Young Peacemakers Award​


Sein Yun is a current junior at the Orange County School of the Arts, where she has founded the Peer Mediation Program with the guidance of one of her school’s deans, Dr. Gregory Endelman. She was first inspired to begin a peer mediation organization at her school after observing the lack of education and discussion between conflicting groups of students. Although students were disciplined by the school administration, Sein has noticed that there were no conversations that allowed students to understand what they could have done differently to avoid such conflicts and learn how to tackle disputes in the future. She has introduced peer mediation to her school in order to foster such understanding and discussions among students and to create a more welcoming environment. As an alternative to the unusual circumstances the pandemic has brought, Sein developed an app for students at her school to explore mental health-related resources and to privately text peer mediators for help and advice, while continuing to hold Zoom peer mediation sessions. Sein is also working with her school’s Coalition for Antiracism and Inclusion to foster conversations between groups of students regarding race and diversity. In addition to peer mediation, Sein is an avid violin player and was selected as a violinist for the National Youth Orchestra of the United States of America sponsored by Carnegie Hall and will soon feature as a soloist on NPR Radio’s show “From the Top.” 


Porter Wade is a freshman at Torrance High School, and participated in Wildcat Justice, Madrona Middle School's peer mediation program in his eighth-grade year. He enjoys gardening, baking, and rock climbing. He always looks to improve and tries his best to be helpful and honest. Peer mediation served as an avenue to help others and his community in an impactful way.


Will Hoadley-Brill is in his third year at George Washington University studying Peace Studies and Spanish Language, Literature, and Culture at the undergraduate level while simultaneously pursuing a Masters in Secondary Education. Throughout his schooling career, Will has been involved in peer mediation and peace education. He was a founding member of "Upstanders," the peer mediation group at South Pasadena Middle School. After transferring to high school, Will noticed that the campus lacked programs that taught empathy, emotional intelligence, and conflict resolution skills. Motivated to help his peers, Will started the SPHS Mediators, an organization that focuses on conflict resolution, peer assistance, and promoting mental wellness. After graduating in May 2022, Will plans to continue his work in peace education and peacebuilding as an educator. 

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To support and promote programs in K-12 schools that teach students conflict management skills and enrich their lives into adulthood.


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