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Youth Peer Mediation is America's #1 Choice for training youth in conflict resolution, school mediation and youth restorative justice practices! This student mediation training system is a Train-the-Trainer model that is perfect for training youth ages 9 to 18. This peer mediation workbook promotes restorative justice, peer power, builds school moral, and decreases bullying! In-fact, it is proven to interrupt the negative behavior pattern of the bully! This youth peer mediation system works to restore the Bullied and the Bully.

This mediation training system is perfect for training:​​​

  • Elementary, Middle School, and High School Students

  • School Staff (Teachers, Principals, Deans, Counselors, Security, etc.)

  • School Mediation Associations

  • Parent Teacher Associations

  • Youth Restorative Justice Programs

  • Youth Courts

  • Community Groups and more