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To support and promote programs in K-12 schools that teach students conflict management skills and enrich their lives into adulthood.


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Update on Symposium for Kids Managing Conflict-Program Schedule

April 12, 2019

Symposium on Kids Managing Conflict:

Building Community for Our Future Peacemakers 


Thursday, April 25, 2019




8:15-8:45 AM            Registration


8:45 -10:15 AM        Opening Session: Mojave

Welcome and Overview: 

Sally Patchen, President KMC

            Andy Shelby, President-Elect SCMA 


            Welcome Exhibitors:

            Anne Sawyer, KMC Board Member


                                    Keynote Speaker: Introduced by Sally Patchen

                                    Ellen Pais

                                    CEO, LA Education Project (ret.)


                                    The Students Speak: Introduced by Jason Harper

                                    Facilitators: Former Peer Mediator 

                                                            Clayton Joseph Scott, musician       

                                    Students:        Sarai Benitez, former University High Los Angeles

                                                            Others - TBD


10:15-10:30               Break


10:30-Noon               Plenary Panel: Program Options: What’s the Difference?


                                    Peer Mediation Programs:Elissa Barrett, Exec. Dir. Western Justice Center

                                    Jerrod Butler, Assoc. Dir. Asia Pacific American Dispute Resolution Center

                                    Days of Dialogue:Jill Frank, Institute for Non-Violence in LA 

                                    Restorative Practice:Marc Alongi , Director, Sequoyah High School 

                                    Restorative Discipline:Marc Rosner, Board Member, Circle Ways 

                                    Mentoring:Joyce Kaufman, Ph.D., Whittier College Center for Engagement

                                     with Communities (CEC)



12-12:45                    Lunch




1:00-2:00                   Breakouts

All sessions are open to all attendees.


Measuring Peer Mediation Effectiveness


Panelists: Karen DeVoogd, CSU Fresno; Gustavo Morales, LAEP; Brian Beck, Facilicase

Facilitator: Marvin Whistler, Mediator, former KMC board member


Initiating and Sustaining Your Program

Panelists: Kirsten Sheridan, SMASH; Karen Crowley-Marks, former Dean of Students, University High Los Angeles; Dawn Ketchens, Lawndale High School

Facilitator: Susan North, Board Member, Sequoyah School



2:00-2:15       Break


2:15-3:15       Breakouts


Sharing Best Practices

Open discussion

Facilitator: Scott Martin


Why Programs End and What Happens as a Result

Panelists:Jessica Ellis, Centinela Youth Services; Shaune Gatlin, KMC board member; Tomiko Bobo, Kornblum Elementary School

Facilitator: Ariella Morrison, KMC Board Member




3:15-3:30       Break


3:30- 4:30      Closing Plenary: Partnering for Success: Building Community

                        Facilitator: Sally Patchen, KMC President

                        Panelists:       Ray Regalado, Director of the DRPA program, LA Human Relations

                                                Ellen Pais, CEO, LAEP (ret.)

                                                Gina DiPierro, Assoc. Dir., CEC Whittier College 



4:30-5:00       Closing messages and Gifts to Attendees


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