Peer Mediation Program Resources


These materials are contributed by leading conflict resolution organizations in Los Angeles and by the Association for Conflict Resolution.  


The Association for Conflict Resolution started Conflict Resolution Day in 2005 and makes available a log list of suggested activities. See the list of contributors in the School Packet Intro.

Getting Started

Karen Crowley-Marks Components of Peer Mediation Program

Implementation Guide - A Complete School Curriculum Grades 6-8


School Tools by Western Justice Center

Lesson Plans by County of Los Angeles, Dept. of Community & Senior Services

Benefits of Conflict Resolution

Article, Can Kindness Be Taught?

Study, Direct Instruction & Guided Practice Matter in Conflict Resolution and Social - Emotional Learning

Newsletter, Building a Sustainable Conflict Resolution Field Using Cross-Generational Bridges 

Book, The Handbook of Conflict Resolution, Chapter Forty-Seven, Conflict Resolution in Schools

Making Peace Program


We are especially proud of our documentary Making Peace: Kids and Their Conflict Stories, and have included all the information you need to create a Making Peace Program of your own.


This program is the first of its kind to interview middle school mediators and hear in their own voices what mediation means to them and the students they serve.


These young mediators resolve student interpersonal conflicts and provide a sympathetic ear to students who just want to talk to someone who's not an adult.


This program provides an opportunity for a wide diversity of students to contribute to their schools through service and without the recognition that other students may receive for other various school activities.


These contributing students are athletes, cheerleaders, musicians, scholars, and kids down the hall who "just want to help other students."


Click here to view documentary.

Study, The Impact of Peer Mediation Training on the Management of School and Home Conflicts

Article, The Kids are Not All Right  - Mandating Peer Mediation as an Anti-Bullying Measure in Schools

Article, Unlocking the Learning Potential in Peer Mediation:  An Evaluation of Peer Mediator Modeling and Disputant Learning