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The Mission of the Foundation is to support and promote programs in K-12 schools that teach students conflict management skills to enrich their lives into adulthood. Applications can be made to support and expand ongoing Peer Mediation Programs or to begin a program at your school. Dream big and we will try to support you.

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Eligibility and Limitations

  • The Foundation makes grants only to tax-exempt schools in the Southern California area. 

  • For the 2020-2021 funding cycle, the Foundation is focusing on supporting peer mediation programs in elementary schools, middle schools and high schools in the Greater Los Angeles area.

  • The Foundation will not provide funds for the purchase, creation, or distribution of materials which lobby for legislation or influence public elections. 

  • Please apply for the estimated amount needed to implement the program or activity as specified in the budget breakdown. 

  • Schools that want to establish a new peer mediation program are encouraged to apply.

  • This is a competitive grant-making process. The Foundation may fund only a portion of the applications received. 

  • Applicants should determine that their project and funding needs are consistent with the Foundation’s mission and the focus of the current funding cycle as described above.

Sponsorship Opportunities 

The goal of these programs is to support the schools at whatever level they can adopt a mediation or conflict resolution program, to ensure the benefits to students and schools begin as quickly as possible, however informally. A representative of the sponsoring organization will meet the students at a sponsored school, be invited to the annual Peer Mediation Dinner, and be publicly recognized in Foundation materials.

  • The Coordinators’ Conference: $3000 for food, other amenities, and conference materials. Sponsors may choose to support just the luncheon for $1500.

  • The Annual Field Trip to the Museum of Tolerance: The cost of admission for one student averages $10, and the goal is to bring a group of 100. Sponsors can support a group of 10 students plus their transportation and food for $250. 

  • Recognition and Appreciation Programs and other related campus-wide activities: Each school determines its own programs, which average approximately $300. Sponsoring one school for one semester offers the sponsorship opportunity of $300 per school.

  • Two-year Comprehensive Training and Development Program: A two-year commitment for a school includes training materials; trainers for students, administrators, and teachers; a part-time coordinator to ensure the program is implemented and assessed successfully; and other requirements for implementation. The sponsorship opportunity is $10,000 per year per school.

Creating a more peaceful society begins with educating children in peaceful conflict resolution, and your sponsorship of one of the above initiatives will help us do exactly that.

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Growth & Support of School Partners

We are deeply grateful to our donors and supporters, those who contribute financially and those who provide gifts for the silent auctions, as well as the volunteers who work with the Foundation and the schools to support and expand Peer Mediation Programs. 

Peer Mediation Programs are all too often underfunded and under resourced, so your support – in any way and at any level – goes a long way toward teaching students mediation skills for peaceful conflict resolution as well as contributing to their academic and emotional intelligence.

Students learn how to talk to each other, how to find satisfactory resolutions, how to control their emotions so they can engage with the other person. And they learn resiliency, that they can recover from a conflict and that they can rebuild a relationship that might have been damaged.

We thank each and every person and organization that has supported the Foundation and its work with the schools. And we know the schools and students are equally grateful for supporting and validating their efforts to create a more peaceful society.

Please continue to support the Foundation and its work by contributing any amount that is comfortable for you – or contacting us to see how you can volunteer as well.

Thank you! Your support is greatly appreciated! 

2017 Board Members (l to r)

 Jason Harper, Sally Patchen, Maria Simpson, Marvin Whistler