Growth & Support of School Partners

We are deeply grateful to our donors and supporters, those who contribute financially and those who provide gifts for the silent auctions, as well as the volunteers who work with the Foundation and the schools to support and expand Peer Mediation Programs. 

Peer Mediation Programs are all too often underfunded and under resourced, so your support – in any way and at any level – goes a long way toward teaching students mediation skills for peaceful conflict resolution as well as contributing to their academic and emotional intelligence.

Students learn how to talk to each other, how to find satisfactory resolutions, how to control their emotions so they can engage with the other person. And they learn resiliency, that they can recover from a conflict and that they can rebuild a relationship that might have been damaged.

We thank each and every person and organization that has supported the Foundation and its work with the schools. And we know the schools and students are equally grateful for supporting and validating their efforts to create a more peaceful society.

Please continue to support the Foundation and its work by contributing any amount that is comfortable for you – or contacting us to see how you can volunteer as well.

Thank you! Your support is greatly appreciated! 

2017 Board Members (l to r)

 Jason Harper, Sally Patchen, Maria Simpson, Marvin Whistler