Sponsorship Opportunities 

The goal of these programs is to support the schools at whatever level they can adopt a mediation or conflict resolution program, to ensure the benefits to students and schools begin as quickly as possible, however informally. A representative of the sponsoring organization will meet the students at a sponsored school, be invited to the annual Peer Mediation Dinner, and be publicly recognized in Foundation materials.

  • The Coordinators’ Conference: $3000 for food, other amenities, and conference materials. Sponsors may choose to support just the luncheon for $1500.

  • The Annual Field Trip to the Museum of Tolerance: The cost of admission for one student averages $10, and the goal is to bring a group of 100. Sponsors can support a group of 10 students plus their transportation and food for $250. 

  • Recognition and Appreciation Programs and other related campus-wide activities: Each school determines its own programs, which average approximately $300. Sponsoring one school for one semester offers the sponsorship opportunity of $300 per school.

  • Two-year Comprehensive Training and Development Program: A two-year commitment for a school includes training materials; trainers for students, administrators, and teachers; a part-time coordinator to ensure the program is implemented and assessed successfully; and other requirements for implementation. The sponsorship opportunity is $10,000 per year per school.

Creating a more peaceful society begins with educating children in peaceful conflict resolution, and your sponsorship of one of the above initiatives will help us do exactly that.

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