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Why peer mediation?

Applying for a KMC grant is the first step to a more peaceful campus. 

What are some of the BENEFITS of starting a PM Program - for the school, and for individual students? 

Using data collected from several Los Angeles area schools, here are some benefits they experienced...


Positive Impact

 Learning outcomes improved, in language arts (vocabulary & writing) and social emotional learning (empathy & inclusion).

Reduced Suspensions

Before creating a Peer Mediation Program, an LA area school recorded 24 suspensions. The following year just 5 suspensions, and 87 successful mediations.

Financial Impact

For each day a student in the LA Unified School District is absent due to suspension, expulsion, avoidance of bullying or on-campus conflicts, the school loses funding.

Fewer Sick Days

Personal Days Off by teachers or admin connected to stress or illness due to conflict also affects a schools “bottom line.”

Increased Safety

Decreased bullying and the ability to safely/respectfully address conflict increased a sense of belonging, for students, and their school community. For 7 low-income schools with PM programs, it also reduced unexcused absences by 16.2%.


 Collaborative Solutions

Student mediators reported searching for and adopting more interest-based, collaborative solutions after training. Mediators were able to see conflict as an opportunity, rather than an obstacle.

Far Reaching Skills

Mediators found opportunities to use their new skills in other situations - with family, at work, and in their community.

Increased Empathy

Students in conflict (disputants) that utilized mediation reported greater empathy, sense of belonging, perspective-taking, and satisfaction with the process.

Preserve Relationships

Disputants reported they were able to maintain or repair relationships after mediation a dispute, and were  able to manage new conflicts better than before.

Student Leadership

Mediators felt their personal growth and new skills helped them in leadership positions.

Set Positive Examples

All students involved set the example for others by choosing mediation as the first option to settling a disagreement.

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