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To support and promote programs in K-12 schools that teach students conflict management skills and enrich their lives into adulthood.


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2019 Symposium

Important Gifts for Symposium Attendees

The Symposium on Kids Managing Conflict will be held on April 25 at the California Endowment in downtown LA. 


We encourage you to register as quickly as possible. Not only are there wonderful speakers and excellent panels, but this year providers of training programs and university programs in conflict resolution will be there to describe their programs. 

In addition, two exhibitors are offering very valuable gifts to attendees.


Facilicase, a software provider based in Colorado, is offering at no cost to you or your school access to tracking Peer Mediation and Restorative Justice activity through a program developed for the state of Colorado! Brian Beck, developer, will be on hand to explain the program and provide you with the link to access it. Now you will be able to measure your program and offer solid documentation of success as well as monitor indicators of where changes might be needed. This is a rare opportunity and one that is available only to attendees at the Symposium.


The Learning Marketplace, directed by Somya Munjal, provides a vast range of learning experiences based on experiential, reflection-based learning on a wide variety of topics and for all grade levels. Somya will make a three-month’s membership available at no cost to all who attend the Symposium. Learning experiences on conflict resolution are already being posted, and the range of topics need not be limited to just your class or expertise to access them. The membership will be open to the school. This is a wonderful opportunity to find free resources for your classes and students. 

These gifts are available only to Symposium attendees! We urge you to make your reservation now. The reservation fee will be returned at the end of the day to those who stay for the whole program. 

Just click here to register 

Enter your information under “conference registration” to save your place at the 2019 Symposium on Kids Managing Conflict: 

Building Community for Our Future Peacemakers.

2019 Symposium on Kids Managing Conflict

Thursday, April 25, 2019

The California Endowment, 1000 Alameda Street

Downtown LA next to Union Station


A day-long conference for everyone interested in giving students the life skills in conflict resolution and mediation they need for academic, personal, and professional success.


Last year's conference was a great success!


Great Ideas!

Lots of energy!

We need a longer conference!


And we’re building on that success.


This year’s conference includes:


  • a Keynote Panel on the wide variety of conflict resolution programs available, how they differ, and what to look for in choosing the right program for your school. 

  • sessions focusing on starting and sustaining a program, including why and how programs end and the impact on the students and school of losing a program.

  • information on documenting the nature of conflict, type of resolution, and impact so that the value of the program is measured and can be presented in fund-raising efforts.

  • open discussion on shared best practices.

  • exhibitors who will explain the wide variety of available programs and provide gifts to attendees.

  • a panel of current and past Peer Mediators to discuss the impact of being a mediator while still in school and as a professional in any area.




KMC is honored to have Ellen Pais, past CEO of Los Angeles Education Partnership as the keynote speaker. 


Ellen’s lifelong involvement in improving schools makes her the expert on why conflict resolution programs are so important to personal and professional success. They are also vital to creating educational equity so that all students have the same skills with which to manage their social/emotional behavior and can avoid the early disciplinary actions that can misdirect their energy and activity and interrupt their educational lives. 


Ellen will have a great deal of valuable information for us to take back to our schools.


Sponsor an attendee for the day $75  Donate Here 


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Symposium on Kids Managing Conflict:

Building Community for Our Future Peacemakers



8:15-8:45 AM - Registration

8:45 -10:15 AM  - Opening Session: Mojave


Welcome and Overview:

Sally Patchen, President KMC

Andy Shelby, President-Elect SCMA


Welcome Exhibitors:

Anne Sawyer, KMC Board Member


Keynote Speaker: Introduced by Sally Patchen

Ellen Pais

CEO, LA Education Project (ret.)


The Students Speak: Introduced by Jason Harper

Facilitators: Former Peer Mediator

Clayton Joseph Scott, musician   

Students:  Clara Fouser South Pasadena High School

Sarai Benitez, former University High Los Angeles

View Full Schedule here